TX-TERT Deployment: Ingleside (8/31/17 – 9/16/17)

August 31, 2017

Today, we deployed a team of four to Ingleside Police Department for seven days. One deployed from Abilene while three deployed from Arlington.

Team Leader – Elizabeth Hall, Garland Police Department
Team Leader – Shane Meffert, Abilene Police Department
Team Member – Paula Fitzgerald, Forney Police Department
Team Member – Edgar Ermis, Fort Worth Police Department

At this time, we have not received word of any additional deployments.  However, we continue to have team members on standby in the event new deployments are requested, or relief teams are needed.  From the Public Education side, announcements were made on Facebook and Twitter on how people can get involved in donating.  For more information, please visit the TX TERT, TX NENA, TX APCO, and TX Public Educators of Texas Facebook and Twitter pages.

September 1, 2017

Date:  9/1/17
Time:  12:00 PM

Update: The Ingleside deployed Team made it to Ingleside just before 12:00 PM and were put straight work. Team Leader Hall advised they were happy to be there and were given a warm welcome. The shifts had not been worked out when we spoke, but she will be calling back this evening with an update.

Date:  9/1/17
Time:  7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Hall and Team Member Ermis are working the 6 PM to 6 AM shift and Team Leader Meffert along with Team Member Fitzgerald are working the 6 AM to 6 PM shift. They are staying in a brand new two bedroom two bathroom apartment about five minutes from the PSAP. The Team is happy to be there and ready to start working.

September 2, 2017

Date:  9-2-17
Time:  6:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Meffert and Team Leader Hall advised that all is going well. They advised that everything they need at the apartment they are staying has been provided by the PD. Nothing out of the ordinary and they will most likely be needed for the entire 7-day deployment. Everyone is grateful to have the opportunity to help in any way they can.

September 3, 2017

Date:  9-3-17
Time: 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Update:  The Team continues to work well with the PSAP. They are handling the majority of all aspects within in PSAP, giving their Telecommunicators a chance to tend to their personal needs. Water has been restored in the city. However, they are in a boiling effect. Only about 50% of the city has electricity, and cell phone service is very spotty. There was no damage to the PSAP, and they are still working within the normal facility. Team Leader Meffert has not heard anything about the need for a second Team but will check when he returns tomorrow. They are advising 100% of the city was affected by the storm.

September 4, 2017

Date:  9-4-17
Time:  8:00 PM

Update: I was only able to talk to the Team via scattered text messages. Cell phone service and land line services were disconnected most of the day. The Team is doing great. Team Leader Hall does not believe another Team will be requested. She advised the call volume has decreased quite a bit.

September 5, 2017

Date:  9-5-17
Time:  8:30 PM

Update: Team Leader Meffert advised that all the resident Telecommunicators are finally taking full days off and are getting a chance to see their homes for the first time. The electricity has been completely restored, but the water is still on and off with the boiling effect still in place. Team Leader Meffert wanted to make it known that Leader Hall is doing a great job as well. The Team will be leaving Ingleside on Thursday morning when the night shift is complete.

September 6, 2017

Date:  9-6-17
Time:  7:30 PM

Update: Team Leader Meffert and Team Leader Hall both advised that the city is close to getting all of the electricity back on. Several of the resident Telecommunicators live in Rockport which was hit the worst. Team Leader Meffert advised that even though a lot of them no longer have homes or vehicles, they have been an amazing Team to work beside. They have received a warm home cooked breakfast every morning by one of the Patrol Supervisors. Dispatch Supervisor Linda has requested pictures with the Team before they head home on Friday morning. Team Leader Meffert believes it was in the PSAP’s best interest to have a second Team come in to offer another week of relief for the resident Telecommunicators to get things back in order.

September 7, 2017

The first Ingleside Team is expected to return home Friday morning.  We are awaiting word from the state to deploy a relief team to Ingleside tomorrow.  A team of four will be sent to continue providing 9-1-1 dispatch relief for seven days.

The team members are:

Team Leader:  Cindy Skidmore, Bridgeport PD
Team Leader:  Scotti Arterbury, Williamson County
Team Member:  Shelley Ehlert, Southwest Regional Communications Center
Team Member:  Lisa Cloud, North Richland Hills PD

Date:  9/7/17
Time:  2:30 PM

Update: Today was the first Team deployed to Ingleside’s last day. They were so gracious and provided some CAD commands, ten codes and other things that will assist the transition for the next Team. The first Team headed home around 2:15 PM and have at least a seven-hour drive ahead of them.

The second Team deployed to Ingleside left the NCTCOG facility at 12:45 PM. The Team is meeting their fourth member in Georgetown. From there they will head to Ingleside PD to check in. The second Team consists of Team Leaders Cindy Skidmore from Bridgeport PD, Scotti Arterbury from Williamson County SO and Team Members Lisa Cloud from North Richland Hills PD, and Shelley Ehlert from Southwest Regional Communications Center. The Team has at least a seven-hour drive ahead of them but they are eager to arrive and get started.

September 8, 2017

Date:  9-8-17
Time:  7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Skidmore and Team Member Cloud worked the first shift this morning. Team Leader Skidmore advised there is a lot of movement in the Police Department. Both workers and people are coming in for assistance. Everyone is in great spirits, and there are no issues to report.

September 9, 2017

Date:  9-9-17
Time:  7:00 AM & 7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Arterbury advised the Ingleside team has been very nice and supportive with a lot of patience while teaching their system and codes.

Team Leader Skidmore advised there is nothing new to report and that everything is going well.

September 10, 2017

Date:  9-10-17
Time:  7:00 AM and 7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Arterbury confirmed with the Communications Supervisor, Linda, that Thursday night into Friday morning would be this Teams final shift. At this time they do not believe there is going to be a need for a third Team, but Linda is going to bring it up in tomorrow’s briefing to confirm. The Team continues to work hard learning the systems. Calls are getting more frequent as the city gets back to some normalcy. Team Leader Skidmore advised that Little Elm Fire Department is there providing some relief for the Fire Department and they cook an awesome breakfast.

September 11, 2017

Date:  9-11-17
Time:  7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Skidmore advised there is nothing new to report. They did confirm that another Team is not needed and that the Dispatch Supervisor is very grateful for TERT.

September 12, 2017

Date:  9-12-17
Time:  7:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Skidmore advised today that the Captain over communications has requested a third TERT Team. Team Leader Skidmore advised that the employees in the PSAP are still meeting with FEMA every day for personal reasons which continues to put a strain on the PSAP. The PSAP was without their CAD system for the first week following the Hurricane, and they are still trying to catch up from that as well. This Team will depart Friday morning at 7:00 AM.

September 13, 2017

The second Ingleside Team will depart for home in the morning, and an additional relief team will be deployed either tomorrow or Friday for seven days.

Date:  9-13-17
Time:  7:30 PM

Update: The Team Leaders advised there is nothing new to report for the day. They are entering their last shifts at Ingleside. The second relief team for Ingleside will be deploying within the next couple of days.

September 14, 2017

Ingleside Team 3 (aka Team 9) will deploy in the morning while Ingleside Team 2 will leave as soon as the morning briefing is complete.

Team 9 members:

Team Leader:  Candace Batie, Forney PD
Team Member:  Cassie Clewis, DFW Airport DPS
Team Member:  Melissa Martinez, Williamson County ECD
Team Member:  Marie Mathis, Williamson County ECD

Date:  9-14-17
Time:  6:00 PM

Update: Team Leader Skidmore advised the last few days have been busier than usual because the Teams are helping the PSAP get all of their CAD stuff back in order. The city continues to work on restorations. Team Leader Skidmore also advised the Supervisor has been running around a lot more lately trying to get things back to a state of normality.

Team Leader Arterbury advised they got to work with some new people in the last few days that have given them some great tips that they will pass along to the next Team.

September 16, 2017

Team 3 was released after working one day and one night.