FL-TERT: Deployment for Hurricane Irma

FL-TERT deployed its first team on September 14. Read the updates:

Submitted by Natalie Duran, FL-TERT State Coordinator

UPDATED 9/30/17:

In summary, we had 19 PSAPS that participated and supported the deployment of their Telecommunicators: Collier County SO: with a total of 36 TERT members to include the GA & TN teams. (FL-24/GA-6/TN-6) and Monroe County SO: with a total of 25 FL-TERT Members.

We depart with a sense of accomplishment knowing we did our best to take care of our brothers & sisters and help them get back on their feet again and get some well-deserved rest. Thank you for your commitment to serving others. God Bless You.

The success of these missions cannot be done by one person. It took a small village to make phone calls, check the database to ensure that the teams we deployed were TERT certified, explain to Directors & Supervisors what we needed, and work with their PSAPS who scrambled to switch shifts, backfill, and get their dispatches ready to travel.