On Sherry Decker Stepping Down as NJTI, LLC Co-Chair

It’s difficult for me to put into words my feelings about Sherry’s departure. Sherry and I have been discussing succession planning for the initiative for some time; however the initial plan didn’t include a departure for either of us this year (and certainly not prior to the end of the year). Sherry’s decision was her own (trust me, I tried to talk her out of it), and I completely understand why she chose to leave at this time. I congratulate Sherry on her promotion, I know she’ll do well in her new assignment, and I know she’ll be an asset to the organization, both in the work she’s been asked to do and in whatever direction her new position takes her in the months and years to come.

I believe this is my fifth (or sixth) year working with Sherry. Sherry was a member of the NJTI Committee long before I was asked to be involved in the initiative, so as you can imagine, I relied on her a great deal after accepting the co-chair role for APCO (who am I kidding, I still rely on her a great deal today). Sherry’s knowledge of the program, her networking abilities, her calm demeanor, her ability to interact with people, and her organizational capabilities made her an excellent co-chair. While I know Sherry has offered to pick up the phone or field an e-mail (or two, or three) on TERT related matters, it won’t be the same not having her next to me. Sherry’s dedication, knowledge, enthusiasm, strength, passion, drive, wit, and overwhelming care for the initiative will not be easily replaced. Those shoes will be extremely difficult to fill.

Sherry, my dear friend, colleague, mentor, and co-chair, I wish you the absolute best in your new assignment. On behalf of the entire NJTI, LLC Committee, our nation’s TERT State Coordinators, and the thousands of dedicated TERT volunteers across this great country, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for NJTI and for helping to make TERT a household name in the 9-1-1 Community. My very best to you as you walk the road ahead. Peace.