National Joint TERT Initiative, LLC, Announces 2018 National Committee Appointments

Alexandria, VA – The National Joint TERT Initiative, LLC (NJTI, LLC) is pleased to announce the following appointments to the 2018 NJTI, LLC National Committee:

Committee Co-Chair: Cory Ahrens (WA)
Committee Co-Chair: Michael Smith (ME)
Nancy Dzoba (FL)
George Long (OR)
Joseph Westrich (ME)
Russell Palmer (GA)
Jeff Carney (TN)
Brianna Fields (AR)
Jonathan Jones (GA)
Brad Gass* (TN)
Andy Stenberg* (WI)
Debra Plunkett* (SC)
Matt Grogan* (NV)
Member at Large (EMAC) Kurt Hardin
Member at Large (International) Robin Johnstone

The 2018 NJTI, LLC Service Term runs from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018. An asterisk indicates a first time appointment to the committee.

About the National Joint TERT Initiative, LLC – The NJTI is a partnership between APCO and NENA that has worked to develop the many facets of a TERT program and to help states develop who do not yet have an active TERT program. TERT involves a comprehensive program that includes assistance to individual states in developing programs that would lead to the establishment of predetermined and selected trained teams of individuals who can be mobilized quickly and deployed to assist communications centers during disasters. For more information, please visit the NJTI, LLC website at or contact

NJTI, LLC Co-Managers: Mark Cannon (APCO), Brian Fontes (NENA)