The ALIVE Principle

A=Attitude is everything
What attitudes would you like to see more of in the workplace? What are some ways to shift your attitude?
How can positive people have a good attitude “rub off” on others?

L=Liven things up
How do you liven thing up in the workplace?
What ideas do you have for more fun and more energy in the workplace?

I=Inspire something good
How can you transmit “inspiration” over the phone and in person?
What can you do to make someone’s day?

V=Value your role
I support my 9-1-1 team with these special skills and traits…
I make a difference because….
What does it mean to be a “Public Servant”?

E=Engage in the moment
How can you promote “engaging in the moment” in the 9-1-1 workplace? Other ways of saying “Engage in the Moment” are “Seize the Day,” and “Take Time to Smell the Roses.” Do you have a phrase to illustrate this concept?