TERT Knowledge

By D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP, COML – NJTI Chair for APCO

Use the “APCO/NENA ANS” Standard for TERT to answer the following questions.

  1. For this program (TERT) to be successful, it must be recognized by federal, state, local and ________________.
  2. PSAPs, specifically their _________________, are critical for the safety and security of the public.
  3. Identify the following acronyms:
  4. The requesting PSAP must initiate activation by providing the ______________________ so the most appropriate team may be assembled. The Requesting PSAP is also responsible for assuring that _____________________________ are utilized in an appropriate manner.
  5. The deployed TERT Team should assure their members are able to be self-sufficient for at least ______________ when deploying to major disaster scenes, but the Team shall meet the requirements of the __________________________.
  6. Which form is used to track the daily activities of a deployed TERT?
    ICS 113
    ICS 214
    ICS 205
  7. Under NIMS (National Incident Management System), if as the TERT State Coordinator, I was asked to coordinate a Type III Communications Resource Taskforce Response, how many Team Leaders would I need to assign? How many telecommunicators?Bonus question: What EMD certification is required for TERT Team Membership?
  8. True or False:The Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended for all first responders working on situations in the United States.
  9. True or False: If TERT personnel are concerned about safety in a deployed area, personal firearms may be carried during a deployment.
  10. The PSAP Manager has three (3) methods of initiating a TERT activation. The PSAP Manager should choose the contact method that is most appropriate for the circumstances. What three (3) methods/resources could be contacted?


1 – Tribal EMA

2 – personnel

3 – Critical Incident Stress Management, Emergency Management Assistance Compact, Authority having jurisdiction, National Integration Center

4 – appropriate information, responding team members

5 – 72 hours, EMAC Mission Order

6- B ICS214

7- 1, 28

Bonus – EMD Certification is not required to participate in TERT

8 – False

9- False, you will never knowingly be deployed into an area deemed criminally unsafe by local law enforcement personnel. Firearms should never be carried with you on a deployment

10 – Local EMA or, State EMA, or other designated officials