Let’s Think Ahead

As a TERT member you can never be too prepared.

“Go Bag”… we all have them (probably tucked away in a trunk) but when was the last time you actually checked it? We never want to arrive at a scene under the false assumption that out “Go Bag” contains sufficient supplies to sustain us up to 72 hours of deployment only to be foiled.

  • It is highly recommended to do a monthly check.
  • Are any of the contents expired? (ie food, batteries, medications etc)
  • Is anything missing?  Have you used items that require replacement?
  • Is there anything you need to add or update?
  • Do clothes and or uniforms fit and are they seasonally appropriate?

Are you as ready as you could be?

What better way to prepare for deployment than to build relationships and experience with neighboring agencies? Does your team actively participate in training exercises? Can TERT members from other agencies be incorporated into this training? Does your team work pre-planned events?  Is there room for other TERT members to participate? If no current exercise is available why not create an environment where various surrounding agencies can work together and train each other?