Scavenger Hunt: Knowing the “Standard for TERT Deployment”

Download the Standard for Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) Deployment. Use the standard to fill in the blanks and answer the following questions.

1) The Requesting PSAP must initiate activation by providing the appropriate information so the most appropriate team may be assembled. The Requesting PSAP is also responsible for assuring that _________________________ are __________ in an appropriate manner.

2) The deploying TERT shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that only qualified personnel respond. Once on scene, the deployed TERT shall provide ______________________ for its team members from its own shift supervisors and the Team Leader. TERT shift supervisors and the Team Leader are _______________________ and cooperatively with the requesting agency’s supervisors and management staff.

3) The TERT deployment review is a tool to be completed by the _____________________ post-mission. This instrument is used to assure that the response was _________________________________ and provide lessons learned to improve future deployment. Completed reviews should be provided to both the requesting and the responding TERT State Coordinator and NJTI Co-Chairs.

4) All TERT member agencies should follow the ____________________________ outlined in the CDC guidance document titled “Immunization Recommendations for Disaster Responders” located at

5) While there are similarities in the minimum training standards for TERT Team Leader and TERT Supervisor, which one of the two roles has the greater number of minimum training standards?

6) The PSAP Manager has three (3) methods of initiating a TERT activation as indicated below. The PSAP Manager should choose the contact method that is most appropriate for the circumstances. The PSAP Manager should contact:

* _________, or

* _________, or

* _______________

7) All TERT members should understand that deployment requires _______________________. Basic comfort facilities may not be available and only those _______________________ to work in adverse conditions should become team members. Those requiring ___________________________________ requiring ongoing monitoring should not be selected for response.

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