How to Fill Out an ICS 214 Form


Purpose: The Unit Log records details of unit activity, including strike team activity or individual activity.These logs provide the basic reference from which to extracting formation for inclusion in any after-action report.

Preparation: A Unit Log is initiated and maintained by Command Staff members, Division/Group Supervisors, Air Operations Groups, Strike Team/Task Force Leaders, and Unit Leaders. Completed logs are submitted to supervisors who forward them to the Documentation Unit.

Distribution: The Documentation Unit maintains a file of all Unit Logs. All completed original forms MUST be given to the Documentation Unit.


Item #


Item Title

Incident Name


Enter the name assigned to the incident.

2. Check-In Location Enter the time interval for which the form applies.Record the start and end date and time.
3. Unit Name/Designators Enter the title of the organizational unit or    resource designator(e.g., FacilitiesUnit,Safety Officer,Strike Team).
4. Unit Leader Enter the name and ICS Position of the individual in charge of the Unit.
5. Personnel Assigned List the name,position, and home base of each member assigned to the unit during the operational period.
6. Activity Log Enter the time and briefly describe each significant occurrence or event (e.g., task assignments,task completions,injuries, difficulties encountered, etc.)
7. Prepared By Enter name and title of the person completing the log. Provide log to immediate supervisor, at the end of each operational period.
Date/Time Enter date (month, day, year) and time prepared (24-hourclock).