Be A Boy Scout

The Scout Motto is “Be Prepared”. Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout movement, explained the meaning of the phrase as always being in a state of readiness in mind and body to do your duty. While this philosophy is important in many aspects of our lives, it has particular relevance to TERT teams. TERT teams may have several months between deployments therefore it is vital that training be conducted on regular intervals…but how best to train to ensure both mind and body are ready?

Reading, tests or quizzes and lectures are all valid (and necessary) elements of training but is there something better to ensure teams are deployment-ready? The answer is “yes”. Scenario-based training provides personnel with real-experiences which prepares both body and mind.

Considerations for Planning Scenario-based training:

  • Liaise with a partnering agency that is within close proximity and arrange a mutual training date. Quite often emergency tactical units have mandatory training throughout the year, taking advantage of these exercises may provide great opportunities for training your TERT team.
  • Prepare either a tabletop exercise or utilize a command post to simulate a real environment.
  • Attempt to include as many elements of a regular deployment in the scenario as possible (i.e. unfamiliar CAD and phone system, unusual environment, remote location, etc.)
  • Ensure members of your team are available on the training but do not reveal too much information. As much spontaneity as possible will provide the best training experience.
  • Schedule a debriefing immediately after the exercise.
  • Provide individual feedback to each attending member of the team to reinforce the benefits of the training exercise.

Scenario-based training provides a unique experience for the members of you TERT team. Adding an element of “realism” will always enhance any training designed for members of your Service.