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October 2013

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Mission Statement

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Congrats to the new NJTI-TERT

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Cory Ahrens, WA

Brianna Fields, AR

Lisa Fulton, TN

Elizabeth Pierson, MO



Deployment Testimonials




I would start by saying it was a great deployment and a great learning experience in many aspects: to learn from how other centers operate and to be able to learn from those we were deployed with. 


John Paffie

Emergency Services Dispatcher

Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

Motivational Corner



If Only You Could


If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would weep like me.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would spend countless hours in your bed starring at the ceiling.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

Then you would cry for the woman who is losing her husband of decades.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would know that gunfire is always near.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

That house fire would not be so spectacular.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

The lost child would be like one of your own.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

That traffic stop would not be so routine.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

You would understand


Author Unknown

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Christine Burke

Jim Tanner

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Michele Blais

Violet Anderson

Cozett Davis

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Linda Davis

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Diane Pickering

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Jim Tanner

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Cristina Cabrera

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Thank you for reading this issue of the NJTI Newsletter. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.




Cristina Cabrera

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Oklahoma…We finally made it!

I was approached by the State Emergency Management over 4 years ago about a Dispatcher Emergency Taskforce that could be deployed across the state for large, multi-agency disasters. At that time I had just been appointed to the NJTI-TERT Advisory Board and replied, “Yes, we can do that!!!” The old phrase “If I’d known then what I know now” my immediate response would have been far less optimistic.

My original focus was on getting the State to recognize our team as a State and asset. I began gathering all the information I could by begging, borrowing and stealing from other States and revising it to fit Oklahoma. I emailed, I mailed, and I hand-delivered all the documents to the State Emergency Management Office several times. Their office is about a 3-hour drive from my house; so sometimes this was not an easy feat; I still had a real job so this was done on my own time and dime. After every delivery I called to make sure the requesting party received the materials or had any questions, and then I would wait about a month and call back only to find out that, low and behold, they didn’t know what I was talking about or I guess we misplaced them can you re-send. My last conversation with Emergency Management was a show-stopper; they had determined that the State would not recognize any assets for inter or intra-state deployment; they were not going to track assets, thereby leaving them helpless to respond to EMAC requests. They were going to rely solely on local emergency managers to track all assets. I tried to explain that if an EMAC request came in from another State for a TERT how would a local emergency manager be able to fill that request because this was a team with members across the state with very specific skill sets. I was just told that I would have to contact every local Emergency Manager; we have over 400, and educate them.

In the process of all this I contacted the Oklahoma Office of Homeland Security and the Dept of Public Safety in order to garner support. That didn’t work either. I dug deeper and found that Oklahoma has an Inter and Intra-State Response Statue on the books so I did not have to go the MOU route and have it by signed by any agency. I then began to go down the NJTI-TERT Checklist, my heels were dug in at this point and I was not going to give up. I knew there had to be a way for Oklahoma to have a TERT, if other states could do it, we could too. By the way the WE was ME for most of the first 3 years. Somewhere along the line I made contact with one local emergency manager that had been working many years on forming the Oklahoma Disaster Taskforce (ODTF) and he informed me that the Secretary of State had just signed their paperwork in December 2012. We, this time two of us, met with the ODTF, in May 2013. I had oodles of information for them, I spoke for about 2 minutes, they said that was enough, they voted and we now have a HOME. The NJTI-TERT checklist has been completed; the Oklahoma paperwork is well on its way and should be completed in a couple of months. We are ready, ODTF is ready, and the State is lagging behind but moving forward. Our notification process is State Emergency Management to ODTF then to the State TERT Coordinator. We have one extra step, and we WILL make it work.

Thank you for everyone that helped me along the way. Hopefully, we can return the favor when and if we are ever needed.

Vicki Atchley

NJTI-TERT Board Member

Oklahoma State TERT Coordinator



Tommy Arnold- Pottawatomie

Vicki Atchley- Muskogee

Mary Bingley- Claremore

Shane Colley- Pottawatomie

Benjamin Curry- Edmond

Stacey Dowden- Claremore

Dorothy Dunn- OKC 9-1-1

Nikki Dykes- Kingfisher

Adam Griffith- OKC 9-1-1

Dawn Harris- Edmond

Brandon Hawkins- Muskogee

Cindy Howard- Norman

Chris Ihegboro- OKC 9-1-1

Lysa Kimbrough- ACOG

Miles Lewis- OKC 9-1-1

Josh Miller- OKC 9-1-1

Shannon Nealy- OKC 9-1-1

Tammy Phillips- Checotah

Brian Porter- Stillwater

Vanessa Prince- Stillwater

Aubrey Scanlon- Cleveland County

Shelly Stahlbusch- Carter County

Rob Stolz- Stolz Telecom

Belinda Taber- OKC 9-1-1

Lance Terry- Norman

Tammy Weis- Cleveland County

Jamie Welch- OKC 9-1-1

Elizabeth Wise- Edmond




Request for Testimonials


Have you participated in a TERT Deployment? Send a brief Testimonial, to be featured in one of the monthly newsletters to 

New Editor


My name is Cristina Cabrera, I am the new NJTI-TERT editor.  I look forward to providing you with exceptional customer service and up to date information.  Please let me know of any changes you would like to make to the information given in this newsletter, as well as feedback.


Cristina Cabrera

What’s Happening in Your State 

18 Deployable21 In Progress–11 Inactive


Georgia TERT


A brief bio…working at night at a convenience store was unsafe, at least that is what the coffee drinking officers told me. “Why don’t you get a job with 911, it pays better” they said. So I applied, and now this is year 25 in a 911 center. I started at the City of Marietta; we consolidated with Cobb County 911 in 1997. Our center is one of the largest in Georgia, answering over 800,000 calls annually. We dispatch for city and county police and fire units. During the years I have had the opportunity to work as an operator, a supervisor, the operations manager, and now as the assistant director. Through the years one of the best parts of my job has been working with public education, the more the public can understand about our job the better prepared they are if they ever need to call 911. I have regularly told about my journey through the years, including working fulltime and completing my master’s degree, hoping it encourages others to never give up and never stop learning. Being a member of APCO and NENA has provided me with opportunities to meet many great people and be involved in different elements of 911.

GA-Tert, of course, I’m glad to say something about it. We got our MOU signed though the right channels, we have taught classes, we have our database ready. Now what? Not that we are hoping for a disaster but it’s nice to know we are ready if there is one. One of our next goals is to host a training exercise, look for more details soon!


Linda Davis, Assistant Director

911 Emergency Communications

Cobb County



Indiana TERT 

Indianapolis TERT Basic and Team Leader  


Indiana TERT held their first set of TERT Basic Awareness and Team Leader courses during the week of July 22nd in South Bend and Indianapolis.  The program is well on its way to becoming active, and the dedication, excitement and support of becoming part of the TERT program is strong with the Telecommunicators throughout the state.  I was fortunate in being a part of their state program, as they reached out to Texas TERT for training.  At the end of the week, 62 people were trained in Basic Awareness and 35 were training in Team Leader.  That is a great start!  I want to wish nothing but the best for the great people of Indiana as they continue in getting their TERT program official. 



   Jason Smith, ENP

  NCTCOG Regional 9-1-1 Program

  Texas TERT – Communications Liaison


South Bend TERT Team Leader class



 South Bend TERT Basic class



New Hampshire


The NHTERT Board of Directors elected and appointed their Chairman, State, Regional Coordinators and Deputy Regional Coordinators for two year terms at the June meeting:


NHTERT Chairman 2013-2014: Chief Phil Tirrell, Southwest Fire.

NHTERT State Coordinator: Tom Andross, Grafton County.  


North Region:

Coordinator: Supervisor Tony Stiles, Grafton County.

Deputy: Dispatcher Michael Weden, Grafton County.


East Region:

Coordinator: Deputy Chief Joe Sangermano, Southwest Fire.

Deputy: Lt. Kevin Kennedy, Southwest Fire.


Elected at Annual Meeting in April:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bonnie Johnson, Southwest Fire.

Directors: Dispatcher Nikki Wheeler, Belmont Police.

 Dispatcher Thayer Paronto, Grafton County.



New York


Plenty of openings remaining for the next round of TERT training in New York State, October 1, 2, 3, and 4 in New York City, sponsored by FDNY. TERT “Deployment Awareness” on October 1 and 3, and TERT “Team Leader” on October 2 and 4. I anticipate a run on the remaining spots in each class once summer is over and September arrives, so if you’re interested in attending, get registered asap.

 A big thanks to Allegany County for sponsoring our second (and most likely final) TERT training session for Fall 2013. The classes will be held at Allegany County 911 on November 14 & 15, 2013, and Allegany County will be picking up coffee, snacks, and lunch for all attendees on both days. Thanks Allegany County! 

 Remember, training is being provided FREE OF CHARGE to staff members of NYS based PSAP’s and Emergency Communications Centers. E-mail to register or for more information.

 Interested in becoming a Regional Trainer for NY-TERT?  We’re currently looking into a TERT “Train the Trainer” instructional class, to be held sometime in the Spring of 2014. This will more than likely be a two day “workshop style” class, which will prepare participants to deliver TERT training in their own jurisdictions. If you have an instructional background and you’re comfortable presenting material in front of large groups, e-mail with a letter of interest and a copy of your resume.

 As always, for the most up to date information on everything NY-TERT, check out the official NY-TERT blog at “” or “LIKE” us on Facebook at “”


New York State Deputy TERT Coordinator 
D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP, COML

Training Schedule



Upcoming Training


TERT Basic

Location: NYC

Date: October 1 and 3rd


TERT Team Leader

Location: NYC

Date: October 2nd and 4th

5 Minute Training




Social Media & Disasters



Nearly one million people are affected by natural disasters each year. In the U.S. alone, some 400 people die from disasters that cost the economy $17.6 billion. Helping respond to these cataclysmic events, social media is now a go-to tool for those effected by disasters.

One in five Americans has used an emergency app. Of those Americans effected by natural disasters, 76% used social media to contact friends and family; 37% of used social media to help find shelter and supplies; and 24% used social media to let loved ones know they’re safe


This Infographic, crated by USF’s Online MPA, details how social media has revolutionized communications during natural disasters. (Click continue reading to view the infographic)


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