October 2012

Issue: 02

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Kansas Becomes 14th Deployable State

On September 6, 2012,
Kansas TERT was established, with the Kansas Commission on Planning
and Emergency Response (CEPR) approving its charter. This action
completed a process that was started in February of 2011, with the
Kansas Office of Emergency Communications and the Kansas Chapter of
APCO agreeing to create a TERT for Kansas.

The first step that was
taken was the creation of the first version of the TERT Operations
manual and the TERT database. This incorporated the ANSI standards
for TERT, as well as a little bit of Kansas specific information. The
manual, which established the governing body for TERT as a joint
committee of the Board of Directors of Kansas APCO and staff of the
Kansas Office of Emergency Communications, was approved in March of
2011 and was revised and reapproved in May of that year.

We presented an
informational piece on TERT at the Kansas APCO conference in April of
2011 and had immediate interest in participation. Based on this, we
decided to move forward with our first training classes. These were
conducted by Natalie Duran of Florida TERT in October of 2011, in
conjunction with the Kansas APCO fall conference. We had 27 members
participate in the Basic Awareness training and of those, 20 also
participated in the Team Leader training.

This training was followed
up with Awareness and Team Leader training presented at the spring
APCO conference in April of 2012. Scott Ekberg, State TERT
Coordinator conducted this training. An additional 23 members and 5
Team leaders were trained.

The next step taken was to
present the TERT Charter to the CEPR. This was done in February of
2012.   After several drafts of the charter, and
negotiations between the CEPR and the TERT Governance Council, we
were able to get the charter approved on September 6, 2012.

Kansas currently has 50
trained members, with 25 of those members having been trained and
authorized as team leaders. Awareness and Team Leader training will
be offered at the Kansas APCO fall conference, in October


14 Deployable           26 In Progress            9 Inactive


What’s happening in your state 

below to get the latest TERT news from every state. 


Illinois held 2 Field
Communications courses in September and trained an additional 34 team
members. IL-TERT now has over 160 trained and deployable members of TERT
and 20 of them are trained and deployable Team Leaders. IL-TERT
will be providing an update to the annual 9-1-1 APCO/NENA conference
in October.


Washington State TERT is
moving forward as fast as we can to finalize our operations documents,
MoUs and processes. We are currently setting up Regions and Regional
Coordinators within the state.

Cory Ahrens, Project
Manager, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission, is
the WA APCO/NENA Washington TERT Committee Chair. She is responsible
for working with the TERT committee to complete the work on the
operations documents and processes. Additionally, she may act as a
backup to the WA TERT Coordinator, when needed.

Cory James, Supervisor,
Norcom, Bellevue, WA is the WA TERT Coordinator. Cory J. is
responsible for being the point of contact for Emergency Management,
making the call to Regional Coordinators, and putting together TERT
teams on the callout.

We have an ambitious
schedule, we hope to be ready for full TERT deployments, with all
processes in place by January 1, 2013.


Experience from TX TERT Deployment

By Roxanna Johnson

This deployment went from worst case scenario, to
truly one of the   best experiences I have ever had.  There
were challenges in the beginning, but friendships were forged and
life-long relationships were established. I was astounded that
those with the best attitudes, had lost everything in the hurricane.

Hurricane Isaac Photos

to play Hurricane Isaac Photos

I could not be prouder of
those that I served with. My team

was beyond dedicated and
took initiative to self-teach

themselves the other
agency’s CAD and

phone system. They
maintained a positive attitude and kept pushing through when the
going got tough. 

This deployment really
made me appreciate the agency I work for
and the software/equipment I have in Frisco. I was
fortunate enough to share some of the programs we utilize with those
at St John Parish. I can only hope that I positively impacted them,
as much as they did me.


While we still have no
formal organization, I am working on getting support and buy-in from
Agency Administrators. I did a short presentation at the state APCO
conference last year and had a lot of dispatchers interested in

I have drafted some
procedures and rules, but as with many folks who wear several hats
when it comes to emergency response, results trickle in.

-Chuck Trimble


GJRCC was notified of a potential call out to the Waldo Canyon Fire,
El Paso County Sheriff had ordered a mandatory evacuation for
the communities of North Mountain Shados and Peregrine. A pre
evacuation notice had also been set to portions of Teller County…
Get the full story below.


TERT Basic Awareness Class

Date: November 2, 2012

Location: Emergency Communications Department (City of Rochester/County of Monroe) NY.

TERT Team Leader

Date: November 8, 2012

Location: Santa Rosa County Florida, located in the panhandle of Florida.

TERT Basic & Team Leader

Date: November 12 & 13, 2012

Location: Washington State- Criminal Justice Institute. Hosted by WS TERT Committee Chair: Cory Ahrens.

TERT Basic Awareness Class

Date: November 13, and 14, 2012

Location: Westchester County Emergency Services, Valhalla, NY.

Look for upcoming training in November for Clark County, Nevada.

Upcoming Training

TERT Basic Awareness Class

Date: December 6, 2012

Location: Warren County Emergency Communications, Lake George, NY

TERT Team Leader

Date: December 7, 2012

Location: Warren County Emergency Communications, Lake George, NY




This course will allow
Telecommunicators to:

  • Recognize the
    importance of adequate preparation in deploying to a disaster
  • Mentally prepare for
    deployment to a disaster area.
  • Physically prepare
    for deployment to a disaster area.
  • Describe the role of
    interpersonal communication in a disaster area.
  • Prepare to work as a
    telecommunicator in a disaster area.  

Display Panels

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October 2-4, 2012

“The displays worked great for the event. They
attract the attention and then get people interested in the
information about TERT.” – Brianna


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