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November 2013

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Cory Ahrens, WA

Brianna Fields, AR

Lisa Fulton, TN

Elizabeth Pierson, MO



Deployment Testimonials




I would start by saying it was a great deployment and a great learning experience in many aspects: to learn from how other centers operate and to be able to learn from those we were deployed with. 


John Paffie

Emergency Services Dispatcher

Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

Motivational Corner



If Only You Could


If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would weep like me.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would spend countless hours in your bed starring at the ceiling.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

Then you would cry for the woman who is losing her husband of decades.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

You would know that gunfire is always near.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard.

That house fire would not be so spectacular.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

The lost child would be like one of your own.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

That traffic stop would not be so routine.

If your eyes could see what my ears have heard

You would understand


Author Unknown

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Christine Burke

Jim Tanner

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Brianna Fields

Lena Gribb

Michele Blais

Violet Anderson

Cozett Davis

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Christine Burke

Lisa Fulton

Linda Davis

Jesse Creech

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D. Jeremy Demar

Diane Pickering

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Lynnette Doyal

Brian Burgamy

Linda Davis

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Cory James

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Violet Anderson

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Brian Burgamy

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Jim Tanner

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Lisa Fulton

Cristina Cabrera

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Cristina Cabrera

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In September, Colorado experienced unprecedented rainfall resulting in wide-spread flooding throughout the Front Range, eventually spreading east across the state affecting 1,533 square miles. Rainfall in amounts ranging from ten to twenty inches sending flood waters far beyond the 100-year flood plain. This is half of a year’s worth of rain in three days for a normally very arid climate. Disaster Declarations have been initiated for 24 counties.


Devastation and casualties occurred with 9 lives lost; 1,882 homes destroyed; 16,101 homes damaged; 203 businesses destroyed; 765 businesses damaged. Major transportation infrastructure failure occurred including highways and railways. Mountain towns were cut off from rest of the world due to roadway washouts. 5,958 people were evacuated, 2,256 by air and others by zip lines and swift water rescue.


As conditions worsened, the CO TERT Co-State Coordinator began communicating with PSAPs in the area to determine their needs. Most reported that they were busy, but able to handle the call load with their existing staff. On Friday, September 11th, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was faced with a major road washout, evacuations and inability to staff both their communications center and mobile command post. They initiated a TERT request via their Emergency Operations Center and Incident Management Team.


In August 2013, CO TERT finalized their deployment plan and submitted it to Colorado Department of Emergency Management for final approval and inclusion in the state Emergency Mobilization Resource List. Colorado TERT has been in the development stages for a few years as State Coordinators have been rerouted to other positions, promotions and challenges have been encountered. However, the Colorado DEM has been on-board from the beginning and supportive. This was a great opportunity to actually use the plan and it worked quite well.


Dispatchers that were at the flood TERT deployment:



Kelly Wilikinson                     Joe Lambert


 Andee Nessler                    Laura Etcheverry





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Jeff Van Houten

Jeffery Nirenberg

Adam Kaelin

Liz Ambrosino

Edgar Baez

Anthony Bucceri

Deirdre Evans

William Kelly

Marc Mastros

Charles McLean

Rudy Medina

Joseph Perrone

Judith Salgado

Arlene Simmons

Michael Steffens

Faye Smith

Eva Wilson

Phil Lacombe

Debra Harley

Kim M. Lindsay

William Edgehill

Cynthia Hill

Andrea Faulkner

Steven Magliaro

Greg Fasano

Andrew McCaffery

Lawrence Pugh

Lisa Alvarez

Eric Fay

Jackie Jones

Nicholas Lamberti

Tony Napoli

William Nlan

Auriel Serrano

Natalia Tobon

Patricia Wright

Frank Bassetti

Mark Lobel

Phillip Weiss

Amanda Torrisi

Deborah Williams





Conrad Almance

Melanie Cagle

Brett Crisp

Deanna Francek

Richard Loredo

Shara Hilliard





Request for Testimonials


Have you participated in a TERT Deployment? Send a brief Testimonial, to be featured in one of the monthly newsletters to 

What’s Happening in Your State 

18 Deployable21 In Progress–11 Inactive


CO-TERT State Coordinator retires:


Diane started with TERT back in 2009 with then Coordinator Joe Rubiero. She went on to build the Teams in Colorado by offering classes throughout the State and work on making CO a deployable state. A daunting task for many of us and now Cozette should bring it to completion. Thank you Diane for your vision with the TERT program and we wish you the best in your future endeavors. 


~Natalie Duran


Hello All,

As indicated yesterday on the conference call, I have decided that I am unable to continue as CO TERT Co-State Coordinator due to personal responsibilities that hamper my availability.


It has been a very rewarding experience to bring CO TERT as far as it has come.  With the hard work by many, including the previous pioneering state coordinators we have become a recognized and proven resource.

I have confidence in Cozett that she can continue to move TERT along, finish up the necessary paperwork and that you all can continue to build on this foundation.  There are many more needs to be addressed including the on going training, coordination, building relationships with PSAPs across the state, and educating agencies.  This is a monumental task that will take all of you to help make it a continued success.

Thank you all for your dedication and support.  You have a fabulous future ahead of you.


~Diane Russell



Colorado’s New State Coordinator


Cozett Davis





TX-TERT Basic and Team Leader



New Hampshire


The NHTERT Board of Directors elected and appointed their Chairman, State, Regional Coordinators and Deputy Regional Coordinators for two year terms at the June meeting:


NHTERT Chairman 2013-2014: Chief Phil Tirrell, Southwest Fire.

NHTERT State Coordinator: Tom Andross, Grafton County.  


North Region:

Coordinator: Supervisor Tony Stiles, Grafton County.

Deputy: Dispatcher Michael Weden, Grafton County.


East Region:

Coordinator: Deputy Chief Joe Sangermano, Southwest Fire.

Deputy: Lt. Kevin Kennedy, Southwest Fire.


Elected at Annual Meeting in April:

Secretary/Treasurer: Bonnie Johnson, Southwest Fire.

Directors: Dispatcher Nikki Wheeler, Belmont Police.

 Dispatcher Thayer Paronto, Grafton County.



New York


New York TERT 

 New York TERT welcomes the following public safety communications professionals to the NY-TERT family:



All of these individuals attended and completed TERT Deployment Awareness and Team Leader training over a four day period at the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Fire Academy on Randall’s Island in New York City, October 1st – 4th. Sponsored by FDNY, the classes were taught by NJTI Certified Instructor and New York State Deputy TERT Coordinator D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP, COML – Congratulations and welcome new team members! 

 We still have a number of openings remaining for the final TERT two day training session of 2013. Sponsored by Allegany County 911, the classes will be held at the Allegany County 911 Center (located at 4884 State Route 19, Amity, NY 14813 ) on November 14th and 15th, 2013. As a reminder, these classes are being provided FREE OF CHARGE to members of New York State based PSAP’s and Emergency Communications Centers. To register or for more information, please e-mail

 For the most up to date information on everything NY-TERT, visit the official NY-TERT website at “”, or “LIKE” us on Facebook at “”

 D. Jeremy DeMar, RPL, ENP, COML
New York State Deputy TERT Coordinator
NJTI Certified TERT Instructor 



Training Schedule



Upcoming Training


TERT Team Leader:

Location: 4884 State Route 19, Amity, NY 14813 at Allegany County 9-1-1 center.

Date: November 14th and 15th 2013


5 Minute Training





 Let’s think Ahead


As a TERT member you can never be too prepared.

“Go Bag”… we all have them (probably tucked away in a trunk) but when was the last time you actually checked it? We never want to arrive at a scene under the false assumption that out “Go Bag” contains sufficient supplies to sustain us up to 72 hours of deployment only to be foiled.

It is highly recommended to do a monthly check.

Are any of the contents expired? (ie food, batteries, medications etc)

Is anything missing?  Have you used items that require replacement?

Is there anything you need to add or update?

Do clothes and or uniforms fit and are they seasonally appropriate?



Are You ready as you could be?




What better way to prepare for deployment than to build relationships and experience with neighboring agencies? Does your team actively participate in training exercises? Can TERT members from other agencies be incorporated into this training? Does your team work pre-planned events?  Is there room for other TERT members to participate? If no current exercise is available why not create an environment where various surrounding agencies can work together and train each other?



Lisa Fulton, ENP