National Joint TERT Initiative
Issue: 21
May 2014
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Brianna Fields, Arkansas APCO

April 12th-16th



Mission Statement

TERT Documents


Deployment Testimonials




I would start by saying it was a great deployment and a great learning experience in many aspects: to learn from how other centers operate and to be able to learn from those we were deployed with. 


John Paffie

Emergency Services Dispatcher

Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

Motivational Corner



Our Dispatchers
A Poem to Dispatchers From the Deputies
Our dispatchers are our lifeline.
Without them we would be lost
If we did not have them
What would be the cost?

We would have no information
On the criminals we pursue.
And when we got into trouble,
Without them what would we do?

They’re our link to our nearest backup,
they get info on cars we have stopped.
Without them on the radio,
We wouldn’t be much of a cop.

They call out the fire trucks and medics,
And they deal with the walk ins and freaks.
And every other situation,
That through our front door peaks.

So the next time you push the button,
And into the mike you speak.
Just remember to appreciate the voice
On the other end, that’s there from week to week.

Our Dispatchers are our lifeline,
I know this to be true.
Cause I sure wouldn’t want to be out there,
Without one to protect us, the way that they do!



Work Group
Team Leader Update Work Group
Jesse Creech
Linda Davis
Sherry Decker
D. Jeremy DeMar
Natalie Duran
Brianna Fields
Lisa Fulton
Laura Litzerman
Christine Massengale
Shantelle Oliver
Diana Pickering
Jason Smith

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Thank you for reading this issue of the NJTI Newsletter. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Cristina Cabrera
North Central Texas Council of Governments
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TERT State Coordinator Guidebook


In April of 2013, Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT) members meet at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center to develop a TERT State Coordinator Guidebook. The occupational analysis was facilitated by Angela Bowen (Communications Coordinator) and Cheryl Greathouse (Director), Instructional Services Georgia Public Safety Training Center. Their goal was to identify the duties, tasks, knowledge, skills and traits a TERT State Coordinator needed to be successful.


What is a TERT State Coordinator? It’s an individual recognized by the State Emergency Management Agency as the single point of contact responsible for managing the TERT program and coordinating TERT deployments for the purpose of assisting PSAP’s affected by circumstances which compromise the PSAP’s continuity of operations.


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Request for Testimonials

Have you participated in a TERT Deployment? Send a brief Testimonial, to be featured in one of the monthly newsletters to 


What’s Happening in Your State 
18 Deployable21 In Progress–11 Inactive




I recently took over the coordinator position from David Hagerty.  I am looking forward to working with Communications Centers in the State and PEMA to “build out” TERT in Pennsylvania.  There is a lot of work to be done from what I am gathering but I have spoke to several people in the field and there seems to be a definite interest here.   Allegheny County will be hosting a TERT Team Leader Class on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 and Train-the-Trainer classes on Wednesday, May 28 (Basic) and Thursday, May 29 (Team Leader), (Taught by Natalie).    


I will be at this class and look forward to working with PEMA, PA NENA, PA APCO and the Emergency Communications Professionals in the state to get the program up and running here.


I also plan on attending NENA 2014 in Nashville this summer if you know of any TERT info sharing or networking events there.   I look forward to working with this group!!!



Brad A Reinert, ENP





Training Schedule
Upcoming Training:
NY-TERT Regional Instructor (Train the Trainer Workshop)
May 8th & 9th, 2014 from 0800 to 1700
Onondaga Community College Public Safety Training Center (Syracuse, NY)
Cost: FREE – To apply to attend or for more information, e-mail

NJTI-TERT- “How Far We’ve Come Baby”       

Tuesday, 5/20

4:00-5:00 pm         

Park Lake, FL

Natalie Duran  (Instructor)


Further information about the hotel, registration, etc. can be found on the APCO Florida Website:



Basic Awareness- 5/26

Team Leader- 5/27

Train the Trainer- 5/28-5/29

Pittsburg, PA



6/9- Basic Awareness

6/10- Team Leader

6/11-6/12- Train the Trainer

Indianapolis, IN







5 Minute Training

…Continuation of Introduction of the Crisis Communication Life Cycle on Planning and Preparation from the April 2014 eNewsletter…


Step 6: Identify Key Communication Messages


Effective communication with various audiences is critical and involves a combination of the following:

  • Strategy- knowing what information should be conveyed and to whom
  • Psychology- knowing how the information might be perceived by the receiver
  • Delivery mechanisms- knowing how to best convey the information

Communication strategies:

  • Develop information that can be used to consistently answer anticipated questions.
  • Emphasize that a process is in place. Define the process, describe the roles and responsibilities of emergency response personnel, and explain how and when the CCT will disseminate information.
  • Refrain from patronizing the public by telling them that they have nothing to worry about or scaring them by telling them that they do have something to worry about—especially when there is little action that can be taken by an individual in anticipation of a crisis.
  • Ensure that messages are culturally and demographically accurate and appropriate. Doing so allows the spokesperson and experts to speak with one voice.

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