May 2013

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Defining A TERT

State Coordinator

NJTI Co Chairs met with TERT representatives from across the nation April 16th through April 19th at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, GA.  The Occupational Analysis workshop was hosted by GPSTC representatives to facilitate and offer guidance on the creation of an operations standards guide for a TERT State Coordinator.  Those that attended shared a combined total of 189 years in Emergency Operations, and 66 years in TERT participation.  During the course of three days, attendee’s came together to define what a TERT State Coordinator is, and to break down the position into several different components, while elaborating in great detail on the roles and duties for each given area.  Categories from Administrative tasks to Deployment operations were outlined and critiqued.  


With the combined knowledge of the group working together as one, the title of State Coordinator was eventually outlined into five functioning categories, each indicating the specific duties and responsibilities.  At the end of the three days, the foundation of the TERT State Coordinator was drafted and a strong “Job Well Done” was felt amongst the group.

Cory James – Washington TERT State Coordinator

Cory Ahrens – Washington TERT Co State Coordinator

Jason Smith – Texas TERT Communications Liaison

Sharon Falcone – Florida TERT Regional Coordinator

Sherry Decker – NJTI Co Chair (NENA) /

Texas TERT State Coordinator

Linda Davis – Cobb County 9-1-1 Operations Manager

Natalie Duran – NJTI Co Chair (APCO) /

Florida TERT State Coordinator

Cheryl Greathouse – APCO / Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Angie Bowen – APCO / Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Media Request

Jim Tanner, TERT Regional Coordinator is requesting pictures of TERT. He is working on putting together a recruitment/motivational   video. Please send him any Action Deployment shots (of the disaster and the TERT team in action) and classroom shots of new members and leaders.

Any help would be much appreciated. Please send items to the following email  

What’s Happening In Your State

Status of TERT

15 Deployable,24 In Progress, 11 Inactive (enlarge Picture)

TERT news from every state


Minnesota has a unique team which serves as MN-TERT. The Communications Response Taskforce (CRTF) is an ICS trained all-hazards personnel resource to be used by an agency to assist in the field, the command post, the EOC or the PSAP. An agency can expect an advance team to include a COML, a COMT and an incident Dispatcher.

The Incident Dispatch Team (IDT) is comprised of dispatch professionals from around the Metro Region. The team represents multi-discipline PSAP personnel ready to deploy and bring the unique skills of the dispatcher to augment incident management at an incident or event. The IDT also serves as Minnesota’s Telecommunicators Emergency Response Taskforce (MN-TERT) under the National Joint TERT Initiative.

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Telecommunications Emergency Response Taskforce (NHTERT) will hold our second annual Mobile Communications/Resource Unit field day/rally on May 17, 2013. The rally will be held at the NH Air National Guard 157th Refueling Wing facilities at Pease International Tradeport. We will have mobile communications, mobile command post, and other mobile facilities from around New England, participate and demonstrate their capabilities in support of Public Safety.

Activities Planned:

  • Equipment displays and demonstrations
  • Vendor exhibits
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Interoperable communications demonstrations and testing


Details and registration information are available at


This was the first TERT class to be held in Ohio. State Coordinator Ken Stewart advises this is the first step of many to get TERT active   and going. The class was a success, and the feedback from students was very positive. After the class, Ken was contacted by 12 individuals wanting more information about TERT.


TERT Coordinators were asked to speak at the TIES (TAC) Conferences in March and April. Presentations were given explaining the purpose of the program and contact information for the regional coordinators. We are still working on building more teams across the state and getting information out. Please follow us at


TERT Basic Awareness

Date: May 6, 2013

Location: Orange County, Goshen, NY

TERT Team Leader

Date: May 7, 2013

Location: Orange County, Goshen, NY

TERT Basic Awareness

Date: May 13, 2013

Location: Washington State CJTC, Burien, WA

TERT Team Leader

Date: May 14, 2013

Location: Washington State CJTC, Burien, WA

TERT Basic Awareness

Date: May 19, 2013

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Houston, TX

Pre-registration is required: Click here

TERT Team Leader

Date: May 19, 2013

Location: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Houston, TX

Pre-registration is required: Click here

Upcoming Training

TERT Basic Awareness

Date: June 5, 2013

Location: Lewis County, NY

TERT Team Leader

Date: June 6, 2013

Location: Lewis County, NY

5 Minute TERT Training

TERT Response Ready Kit

Prior to deployment, a response ready kit should be obtained and assembled. Having a Kit ready by each Agency and/or Team member prepares you for any incident or planned event. Remember to restock Kit each time it is used.

Notepads – to assist with taking notes while deployed


Office supplies (paperclips, gloves, rubber bands, sticky notepads, and liquid paper)

First-Aid Kit

Field Operation Guide (NIFOG)

Local System Coverage Map


201 – Incident Briefing

202 – Incident Objectives

203 – Organization Assignment List

204 – Assignment List

205 – Incident Radio Communications Plan

205A – Communications List

206 – Medical Plan

207 – Incident Organization Chart (wall mount size)

208 – Safety Message/Plan

209 – Incident Status Summary

210 – Resource Status Change

211 – Incident Check-In List

213 – General Message Form – Utilize this to send message back and forth to IC.

214 – Activity Log (optional 2-sided form) – Each individual assigned to a disaster fills this form out; This is a journal of your activities from start to finish.

215 – Operational Planning Worksheet

215A – Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis

218 – Support Vehicle/Equipment Inventory

219-1 to 219-8 and 219-10 – Resource Status Card (T-Card)

220 – Air Operations Summary Worksheet

221 Demobilization Check-Out

225 Incident Personnel Performance Rating

PSAP Survey – Information to include: PSAP Name, Physical Address, Primary Contact, Secondary Contact, 24 X7 Number, CPE, CAD, Mapping and Radio Manufacturers and Models; Radio System Description; Staffing (Calltaker only, Calltaker/Radio Police, Calltaker/Radio Fire/EMS, EMD).

TERT Request Information – Name of Agency, Contact Person, Telephone #, EMA/TERT Coordinator Notified (time/date); Nature of emergency and impact on PSAP (work overload, PSAP evacuation, Adverse environment conditions, Localized pandemic, Other); anticipated deployment environment (PSAP, Field response); Anticipated length; TERT State Coordinator have PSAP Survey?; Roadblocks, flooded roadways, etc?; ETC.

TERT Package – This will include, but not limited to, List of CAD codes/commands; List of call types; List of radio codes; List of major public buildings such as schools, hospitals, jail/prisons, etc; Check-in/Check-out procedures; ETC.

Sample Checklists- TERT Request Checklist Interstate; TERT Request Checklist Intrastate; TERT Arrival Checklist; TERT End of Shift Checklist; TERT Deactivation Checklist.

TERT Member Supply List – Minimum of 72-hour supply- Includes, but not limited to, water; rain gear; matches in waterproof case; ID/DL/Cash/Debit or Credit Card; MRE’s; Sunscreen; boots; tennis shoes; zip lock bags; etc.

Medical Considerations – Ensure you are up to date with your vaccinations. CDC guidance document is located at

PSAP Survey, TERT Request Information, TERT Package, Sample Checklists; TERT Member Supply List, and Medical Considerations are all forms located in the Attachment section of the APCO-NENA-ANS1-105. PSAP Surveys should be filled out and sent to your TERT State Coordinator, Regional Coordinator and County Coordinator (if there is one). Update it anytime there is a change made. Keep the PSAP Survey and TERT Package filled out and in your kit.

It is also suggested for each TERT member to have an Agency Letter of Authorization and Commitment Letter on file.

TERT Clothing

Follow this link to browse through a wide selection of very popular TERT Clothes 

“I didn’t realize they were embroidered! You can’t imagine how pleased I am. I will be announcing your companies name at our TERT APCO Convention in Daytona next month! I sent your link to the State Coordinator. You can expect orders from her as well.”  🙂

-TERT Customer

“All the shirts, backpacks and bags were a big hit! I’d like to place another order for more classes we will be having in Jan. Let me go through the website and get approval from my State Coordinator and I will be sending over an order. THANKS AGAIN!!! The shirts are especially nice!!!!

-Christie from FL TERT

Display Panels

The items below are available for TERT related conferences. Shipping to your location will be free.The only cost to you will be the outgoing shipping you pay. For full explanation of procedures please refer to   Reserve TERT Accessories section above.

Display Panels Currently reserved for:





  Table top 

                       99″ w X 87.5″ h                            48″ w X 51.5″ h

TERT Panels at Conferences

TERT Panels in conferences 

“The displays worked great for the event. They attract the attention and then get people interested in the information about TERT.” – Brianna Fields


Thanks to Sherry Decker for sharing such an informative and attractive display.” – TN state coordinator


“At our  State APCO/NENA conference last week our class was full of those interested in TERT” – OK state coordinator

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