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February 2015
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Thank you for reading this issue of the NJTI Newsletter. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Cristina Cabrera
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Hello NJTI family and Happy New Year!


For many, the New Year is all about resolutions. Resolving to save money or spend more intelligently. Perhaps it’s eating healthier or spending more time being active and less time in front of the television. Resolutions are generally made to improve a given situation. NJTI is always looking to improve.  


Sherry and I are very excited about 2015! Your NJTI Board has been working diligently on a number of projects which will make your involvement in the initiative more rewarding and productive.


One of those projects is the development of the TERT State Coordinator Guidebook. In final editing now, the TERT State Coordinator Guidebook will serve as a primary point of reference for those already serving in a TERT State Coordinator role, as well as those seeking to do so. You might recall Sherry and I discussing our long term plan to bring all fifty states to the TERT table as active participants. The TERT State Coordinator Guidebook will make it significantly easier for non-active states to educate themselves on the fundamentals of the initiative, while describing the overall roles and responsibilities of the State Coordinator as a champion for the cause. I’m always leery about recognizing the efforts of those who’ve participated or otherwise contributed to the success of a project, for fear of leaving someone’s name off the list. In the interest of recognizing everyone’s effort on this project, once the State Coordinator Guidebook is 100% complete and published, Sherry and I will be sure to recognize everyone who assisted in this very important effort.


Goal setting is a critical and fundamental practice of any successful organization. In late 2014, the NJTI Board came up with five goals for 2014-’15 (follow the link from the newsletter to view the goals) which we felt were critical to the ongoing success of the initiative. The following NJTI Board Members have each agreed to chair one of the five ‘goal’ workgroups; providing guidance and ensuring progress in each of their respective areas:


Reaching Out To Non-Participating States Workgroup – Tom Andross, COML (NH)


Turn Your State Blue Workgroup – Cozett Davis (CO)


Social Media Development Workgroup – Brianna Fields, RPL (AR)


Webinars For Information Sharing And Training Workgroup – Linda Davis (GA)


TERT In The Tactical Dispatch Setting – Lisa Fulton, ENP, COML (TN)


All of these individuals are Subject Matter Experts in their respective fields, bringing a tremendous amount of passion, talent, and drive to the table. Each workgroup chair is responsible for appointing volunteers to assist with the development of their workgroup, as well as reporting the individual progress of the workgroup to the NJTI Board on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in helping out with any of these workgroups, please drop Sherry or me an e-mail and we’ll forward it accordingly. We’re looking forward to big things from our Workgroup Chair Board Members this year. Thank you Tom, Cozett, Brianna, Linda, and Lisa.


If you haven’t heard already, Sherry and I have arranged to provide a ‘first of its kind’ TERT Team Leader “Fast Track” Course at the NENA 2015 National Conference in Denver, CO, on July 2, 2015. If you’re planning to attend NENA National, and you still need Team Leader Certification, this is your opportunity to participate in an accelerated ‘five hour’ class taught by your NJTI Co-Chairs, as well as Jason Smith, ENP, Texas TERT Liaison. More to follow on this (but mark your calendars anyway)!


Sherry and I have also arranged to have booths at APCO National 2015 and NENA National 2015. We’ll be looking for volunteers to staff the booths at both conferences, so if you’re going to be in Washington, DC for APCO and/or Denver, CO for NENA, and you’re interested in helping out, please send an e-mail of interest to Sherry or me.


WHEW! A lot of information to cover in a short period of time. I’m sure I missed something. I wish you all the very best for 2015, and I thank you for your continued interest and participation in NJTI, one of the single most important public safety initiatives of our profession.


Serving you and the initiative,


Jeremy  DeMar




Request for Testimonials

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What’s Happening in Your State?  




State of Maine TERT Formation


The Maine Chapter of NENA has begun the process of the development of a Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT).  This team will consist of trained personnel from the 26 PSAPs in the State.  Maine NENA recognizes the value and importance of having trained personnel ready to respond, when requested, in times of natural and manmade disasters and once an EMAC request has been received by Maine Emergency Management.


On November 19, 2014, Maine NENA President Tammy Barker and Maine Emergency Management Director Bruce Fitzgerald entered into an MOU outlining the recognition of the Maine TERT. Maine NENA has since recruited personnel from its 26 PSAPs who will be attending Deployment Training, Team Leader Training, and 2 days of Train the Trainer during the last week of January.  The training will be presented by D. Jeremy DeMar, APCO Chair of the National Joint TERT Initiative.


Michael Smith, RCC and EMA Director from Somerset County, has been named the Maine State TERT Coordinator and Joseph Westrich, Communications Supervisor from Lincoln County 9-1-1, has been name the Assistant State TERT Coordinator.


The goal for the Maine TERT is to become fully trained, recognized by the NJTI, and be available as a deployable asset when a disaster strikes.  All of the participants understand the need to have a team ready to assist when others are in need.  We also hope to conduct, at a minimum, annual training to inject new members into the team.  We have had many discussions at the State level about the process(s) by which we will keep the team active and deployable and looking to conduct a minimum of one (1) exercise per year to hone the skills of the Team Members, being mindful that we may not have a physical deployment for a period of time.









-Mike Smith-




Nebraska TERT held its annual training in Lincoln, NE on December 2nd.  The training included a TERT Awareness Course refresher followed by the APCO Institute Course, “Disaster Operations and the Communications Center.”   Sharon Codr, NE State TERT Coordinator was able to secure grant funding from Department of Homeland Security Planning, Exercise and Training to host the training at no charge to TERT members or their agencies. 


Each year Nebraska TERT strives to hold at least one annual training for TERT members and TERT Team Leaders to promote continued interest in TERT, provide opportunity for networking, perform an audit of the NE-TERT roster and provide a training day that includes information related to TERT as well as information that can be applied to each member’s daily job responsibilities.


-Sharon Codr-





Basic and Team Leader

Instructor: Laura Litzerman

Location:  El Paso, TX





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