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Issue: 24
August 2014
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Colorado is Active!! 


Colorado began working on becoming active approximately 7 years ago, Dianne Russell and Joe Ribiero were the State Coordinators at that time.


   “They worked very hard in creating a mutual aid agreement between Colorado TERT and the State, we were just never able to get to those final stages.  I took over as State Coordinator in 2013 and have been working with and tirelessly harassing the State Resource Ordering manager Bill Miederhoff.  With his help and support were able to create an agreement with the State that qualified us to be TERT active. 

 This has been a huge accomplishment for our State and absolutely would not be possible without all of the help from our 11 Regional Coordinators and all of our TERT members who have continued to work towards this goal.  We all are passionate about TERT and firmly believe in dispatchers helping dispatchers.  Natalie Durans continued support for our State and our members has been immeasurable. On behalf of Colorado TERT we thank you. 


Colorado Regional Coordinators are now working on contacting every Comm Center in our State, sending them a TERT survey and agreement to sign as well as update our data base of TERT members. This is proving to be very time consuming as well, but as proven, we are very patient…and persistent!”


Cozett Davis




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What’s Happening in Your State 



Tennessee is currently auditing all PSAPs across the state. We are updating our database with PSAP information on CAD & Phone vendors as well as any other information relevant to a deployment. We are also working on developing new teams and cross training various groups.


Basic 6/23/14

Team Leader 6/24/14



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Early Stages Phase


The early stages phase of an incident constantly tests the communication team’s mettle and the CCP’s efficacy. News is fast-breaking, and demands for information skyrocket. During this phase, the magnitude of the incident, the threat to personal safety, and the initial steps toward recovery and resolution begin to be understood. Communication must begin early in the crisis, and information must be updated regularly, to allow stakeholders to make decisions, take actions to resolve issues, and mitigate the impact of the event before the crisis spins out of control.


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