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Issue: 20
April 2014
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I would start by saying it was a great deployment and a great learning experience in many aspects: to learn from how other centers operate and to be able to learn from those we were deployed with. 


John Paffie

Emergency Services Dispatcher

Broome County Office of Emergency Services.

Motivational Corner




Dispatchers Are Invisible
My sacrifice is small compared to some, it seems
but each day I sacrifice a part of me
Some days it is returned when I leave
on others they take it away from me
Each day I park my emotions at the door
and enter a realm few want to explore
Let me take you into my world so you can see
what a day in the life of a 911 dispatcher can be
I need five hands to answer phones
for typing and the radio’s alone
One to grab coffee while it’s still warm
as all tasks, simutaneously, must be preformed
My skin has to be tough to withstand
when barbs from growling officers land
or jabs from complaining citizens
often make me re-assess, where I am
A dispatcher needs five sets of ears
for telephones, radios, and alarms to hear
for intercoms and officers who need to know
all information my screens can show
Along with the ears you need a brain
capable of remembering everything
all local and ten codes; the elements of crimes
phonetic alphabets and what to say each time
What questions to ask for every call
hundreds of voices, with emergencies one and all
You must make a decision in a minute or less
and send appropriate units to meet the test,
while talking on the radio to other emergencies
as you try to handle everyone’s needs
You need an abundance of patience to be
able to handle all the emotions you see
Your heart must never break
when answering some of the calls you take
from a mother who’s child just passed away
or a rape victim, who is afraid to stay
There is the suicidal person you don’t want to lose
and frighten children you need to soothe
The little old lonely lady who just wants some time
to hear a caring vioce, at the end of the line
As a dispatcher I am invisible, you see
except in emergencies….when you really need me.

Author: Carole Mathys



Work Group
Team Leader Update Work Group
Jesse Creech
Linda Davis
Sherry Decker
D. Jeremy DeMar
Natalie Duran
Brianna Fields
Lisa Fulton
Laura Litzerman
Christine Massengale
Shantelle Oliver
Diana Pickering
Jason Smith

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Thank you for reading this issue of the NJTI Newsletter. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or suggestions.

Cristina Cabrera
North Central Texas Council of Governments
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 ESPN Winter X Games


ESPN’s Winter X Games has now closed out its twelfth year in Aspen, CO, but there are at least five more to come to this high mountain town. The first year the games were held in Aspen the public safety planning and involvement was much lighter than you will find now.
These days we spend about four months working with ESPN in planning the city and county involvement in the games. 2014 was the first year Pitkin County’s Type IV Incident Management Team took charge of the 4 day planned incident. Aspen Pitkin Dispatch has four positions and a staff of 14, including our director and 3 supervisors. In years past, we have covered X Games’ Incident Dispatch (XComm), located at the ICP, using exclusively our own staff. The impact of this planned incident on our small Comm Center has varied. As the IMT was being utilized this year, it was decided to ask for a Colorado TERT  (Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce) dispatcher. 
In early November, 2013, we contacted Cozett Davis, the new Colorado TERT state coordinator, with our request: one dispatcher to work a 10hr shift each of the 4 days of the X Games alongside an Aspen Pitkin dispatcher. We would provide meals and lodging. In order to follow protocol, we were asked to complete the statewide public safety communications plan’s Mutual Aid Request Form. Our request was now official! The Colorado State Office of Emergency Management was notified of our request December 5th. The first week of January we learned we had been “matched”. We were introduced to the Lead Regional Coordinator, Beth Dobransky, who would serve as liaison, and to Stephanie Huff, a Denver Metro radio dispatcher, who would be our TERT dispatcher. Over the next few weeks, details were ironed out and plans made for Stephanie’s trip to the Western Slope. X Games 2014, January 23-26.

Fortune smiled on us this year and we enjoyed a very calm four days. XComm had steady but manageable radio traffic and we had time to chat and share about how our respective Comm Centers work. It was hard to wrap our minds around the magnitude and types of calls for service at Denver. We could only imagine how Stephanie felt about our rural area and its quirks.Throughout the deployment, Beth kept in touch via text with both Supervisor Ginny Bultman and Stephanie. It was fun to get her little “Just checking in!” texts each day and know that someone had our back. One day, we got a visit from Cozett, who drove 2+ hours from Grand Junction to show her support.
From first contact to goodbyes at the end of X Games, the entire process was seamless. Professional yet friendly communication and guidance. Mindful and encouraging support.
Our first ever call for a TERT Dispatcher and such a positive experience!

Cozett Davis

GJRCC Shift Supervisor

Incident Dispatch Team Supervisor






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Training Schedule
Upcoming Training:

TERT Basic Awareness Training
April 29, 2014 from 0800-1600
Emergency Communications Department (City of Rochester/County of Monroe)
Cost: FREE  – To register or for more information, e-mail


NY-TERT Regional Instructor (Train the Trainer Workshop)
May 8th & 9th, 2014 from 0800 to 1700
Onondaga Community College Public Safety Training Center (Syracuse, NY)
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TERT Basic Awareness Training
Monday, April 21, 2014; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (NCTCOG)
Monday, May 5, 2014; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Greater Harris County 911, Houston, TX)
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Tuesday, May 2014; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Greater Harris County 911, Houston, TX)
TERT Train-the-Trainer
Wednesday-Thursday, May 7-8, 2014; 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (Greater Harris County 911, Houston, TX)


5 Minute Training

Six Phases in the Crisis Communications life cycle

FEMA MGT-318 Public information in an all-hazards Incident presents a multi-part “5 Minute Training” for TERT. The Communication Life Cycle includes:

  • Planning and Preparation
  • Triggering Event
  • Early Stages
  • Duration
  • Resolution
  • Assessment and Modifications

Every WMD, Terrorism, or all-hazards incident evolves in phases, and communication practices during such an event must evolve in parallel fashion. By dividing the incident into phases, the communicator can anticipate the information needs of the media and the public during each phase.


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