April 2013

Issue: 08

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New TERT Members and Team Leaders

Welcome to the team the newest hard working TERT
members and team leaders from three different states. Welcome to the
family! keep up the hard work!



NY-TERT Team Leaders




New State Coordinator

Beverly D. Buchanan, M.A.

Training Supervisor

Reno Emergency Communications

Happening In Your State 

Status of TERT

15 Deployable,24 In Progress, 11 Inactive (enlarge Picture)

TERT news from every state


Arkansas has been very busy! We
just completed our Arkansas TERT Mission Ready Packages and they have
been submitted! We are almost complete with our checklist to become a
deployable state! We are presenting a TERT awareness course at our AR
APCO/NENA State Conference in April and will begin planning basic and
team leader training shortly after! If any state goes to work on MRPs
and need assistance, let us know and we are happy to help!

Brianna Fields


recently added new member agencies, we currently have 55 member
agencies that participate in IL-TERT. On March 8th, IL-TERT trained
19 Telecommunicators bringing our deployable team members up to
almost 180 team members. 

New Hampshire

NHTERT will be involved in these
upcoming events:

March 23–dispatch center orientation (working in a foreign setting),
evacuation drill, and fire scene mobile communications training

April 7-10–participating in NH Emergency Dispatchers Association
annual training conference, including manning TERT booth during
exhibitor tradeshow

May 17 (date tentative)–2nd annual Mobile Communications Unit rally
in central or southern NH.

New York

Plenty of room remaining in the
May 6-7, 2013 Orange County Deployment Awareness and Team Leader
classes, and the June 5-6, 2013 Lewis County Deployment Awareness and
Team Leader classes.

I’m also proud to announce that the New York City Fire Department
(FDNY) has agreed to host four days of TERT training in the Big
Apple, October 1, 2, 3, and 4, 2013. NY-TERT is excited to have FDNY
as a training partner.

As always, if you’re a member of
a New York State PSAP or Emergency Communications Center,
registration for these classes is FREE OF CHARGE! Send an e-mail to to
register or for more information.

Visit the NY-TERT website at or on Facebook at 


Ohio will be offering the TERT
Awareness course in hopes of generating awareness and to get Ohio
TERT started in Ohio and get Ohio compliance and on the TERT

The class will
be offered the first day of the conference in a super session on
April 14, 2013 at the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio.   Check
out the rest of the classes available as well at


TERT Basic

Date: April 14,

Location: Kalahari
Resort, Sandusky, Ohio


TERT Basic

Date: May 6,

Location: Orange
County, Goshen, NY


Date: May 7,

Location: Orange
County, Goshen, NY

TERT Basic

Date: May 13,

Location: Washington
State CJTC, Burien, WA


Date: May 14,

Location: Washington
State CJTC, Burien, WA

TERT Basic

Date: May 19,

Location, Hyatt
Regency Hotel, Houston, TX

Pre-registration is required: Click here


Date: May 19,

Location, Hyatt
Regency Hotel, Houston, TX

Pre-registration is required: Click here

Minute TERT Training 

Be ready when Disaster Strikes:

Complete the TERT Survey Today!

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TERT Clothing

Follow this link to browse through a wide selection
of very popular TERT Clothes

“I didn’t realize they were
embroidered! You can’t imagine how pleased I am. I will be announcing
your companies name at our TERT APCO Convention in Daytona next
month! I sent your link to the State Coordinator. You can expect
orders from her as well.”  🙂

-TERT Customer

“All the shirts, backpacks
and bags were a big hit! I’d like to place another order for more
classes we will be having in Jan. Let me go through the website and
get approval from my State Coordinator and I will be sending over an
order. THANKS AGAIN!!! The shirts are especially nice!!!!

-Christie from FL TERT

Display Panels

The items below are available for TERT related
conferences. Shipping to your location will be free.The only cost to
you will be the outgoing shipping you pay. For full explanation of
procedures please refer to Reserve TERT Accessories section above.

Display Panels Currently reserved for:







  Table top 

w X 87.5″ h
                            48″ w X 51.5″ h

TERT Panels at Conferences

TERT Panels in conferences

displays worked great for the event. They attract the attention and
then get people interested in the information about TERT.” – Brianna Fields


“Thanks to
Sherry Decker for sharing such an informative and attractive
display.” – TN
state coordinator


our  State APCO/NENA conference last week our class was full of
those interested in TERT” – OK
state coordinator

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