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January 2013

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Newtown CT Receives Mutual Aid 

Upon hearing of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, CT, Sherry Decker, Christy Williams and I wondered if the State had TERT teams. We had deduced, that New York TERT teams would probably be responding. Not hearing more about it, I had not given it much thought again until I put a post on my personal Facebook page. The post initiated   a comment from new found friend Capt. Anna Cox, of St. John the Baptist Parrish Sheriff’s Office, LA, whose agency had received TERT assistance from our Texas TERT Team after Hurricane Isaac. She had spoke with Newtown, CT 911 Director Maureen Will and was advised they in fact had asked for assistance.

Being a Texas TERT Team member and North Regional Coordinator, I wanted to reach out to ensure there was nothing we here in Texas could do to help. I placed a call to Newtown, CT asking to speak with Maureen on 12/19/12, she was unavailable so I asked dispatcher who answered if they had received a TERT team to assist them during this difficult time. She advised yes they did and Webb was the coordinator. I requested a call back from Maureen to find out more about the response and to make sure there was nothing else they needed.

Maureen called me back that evening, and it was like I was talking to an old friend. She explained they do not actually have TERT, but had activated their Mutual Aids with the neighboring cities. She advised Newtown Emergency Communications Center had only 10 Telecommunicators and herself. Maureen works with the Managers of Emergency Communications Association (MECA) and placed a call to one of the others, Sue Webster, Northwest Connecticut Public Safety, asking for assistance. Sue then contacted Kevin Webb, Farmington PD who put the request in place. They sent Telecommunicators from Farmington PD, Watertown PD, Litchfield County Dispatch, Easton PD, Simsbury PD, Meriden PD, Shelton PD, Fairfield Emergency Communications Center, Plymouth PD, Windsor PD, East Hartford PD, and Northwest Connecticut Public Safety. I was told this list could grow before it was all said and done. They were scheduled to work until 12/23/12 but the request was extended to Wednesday 12/26/12. All Telecommunicators from Newtown Emergency Comm. Center, time off was cancelled and they were only allowed to take prescheduled vacation during this time. When I asked if Texas TERT could do anything to assist, she just asked for cards or emails for the Telecommunicators.

Maureen is very dedicated to her Telecommunicators, she requested CISD for the Telecommunicators affected. She has also been working right beside all of the Telecommunicators, answering phone calls, and doing whatever else was needed. She has decided to display a map of the United States, inside the communications center, and she will mark the locations of where she receives emails, cards, phone calls, etc., from.

As I stated earlier, talking to Maureen was like talking to an old friend. There is nothing richer than having someone you have never met, put their confidence in you and feel at ease speaking freely about all that was occurring. If you or your agency would like to send cards, letters, prayers, care packages, etc., to the Telecommunicators in Newtown, CT you may do so at: Newtown Emergency Communications Center, 3 Main St., Newtown, CT 06470. If you would just like to email send it to She will make sure the Telecommunicators receive all correspondences’.

Laura J. Litzerman, ENP

Texas TERT North Regional Coordinator

TERT Says Goodbye
to Remembered State Coordinator



Natalie and I (Sherry) received word on Sunday from former NJTI-TERT Co-Chair Brent Lee that Kariann Beechler, Nevada TERT State Coordinator tragically died in a traffic accident on December 13th. Kariann recently came on board as State Coordinator after serving under Brent’s leadership for more than six years. Our hearts and prayers go to Kariann’s family and Nevada TERT Members.  


Kariann J. Beechler



I do not know what it will take to keep this program going, however it is something that does not need to flounder. Kariann has worked very hard on it and I have sat in many of meetings with her to know that. Please let me know what or how I can help to keep this going, who to correspond with, or who to contact. I am not sure if she was working with one of her Reno partners at her place of employment if so, I will be happy to get with them and help. Just need a direction…    


Jennifer Felter


Kariann Jane Beechler’s Obituary on Reno Gazette-Journal

TN TERT Team Activated


TN TERT was activated on Monday, December 17, 2012 for Weakley County. They suffered an unexpected loss of one of their dispatchers.

TERT members from Williamson County responded and worked with volunteers from Martin PD to cover Weakley County and allow their organization to attend the services. Although this does not fall under a ‘declared emergency’, TN TERT responds to any cry for help from our dispatch brothers and sisters in need.


FCC Text Rule



Proposal Would Mark the First Major Milestone in the Nation’s Transition to

Next-Generation 911


Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission today proposed rules to bring Americans the ability to send text messages to 911 more rapidly and uniformly, and to inform consumers about the availability and appropriate use of text-to-911. The Commission’s proposed action builds on prior Commission initiatives and the recent voluntary commitment by the nation’s four largest wireless carriers, with support of leading public safety organizations, to make text-to-911 available to their customers by May 15, 2014, with significant deployments expected in 2013. The Commission’s proposed action also seeks to accelerate the nation’s transition to a Next-Generation 911 system that will use cutting-edge communications technology to assist first responders in keeping our communities safeContinue reading

NIMS ICS Guide for the iPhone

This handy dandy app will let you keep your National Incident Management System Incident Command System Guide in your pocket and your head in the game. With customizable features such as dynamic  checklists, incident-specific contacts and addresses, and the ability to bookmark oft-used sections, this app is perfect for training or the field. Not into NIMS? Check out this Mission Mode list of disaster and crisis apps (sorry Android users, they’re all iSpecific).

What’s Happening In Your State 
Status of TERT
15 Deployable,24 In Progress, 11 Inactive (enlarge Picture)

TERT news from every state




TN TERT has also been asked to speak at the state TAC (Terminal Agency Coordinator) Conferences this year. We will be attending three different conferences across the state, spreading the word about the TERT initiative.


December 14th, Memphis Police Officer Martoiya Lang was shot and killed in the line of duty. We ask that you keep Memphis PD and dispatch in your thoughts and prayers.    




We conducted two in-services for our Team Members in October:


October 18 for the north-half of the state and October 24 for the south-half of the state.


We welcome our newest Regional Coordinators:


Casey Swetlik, West Central Regional Coordinator, Director of St. Croix County Emergency Support Services


Ryan Hillman, Northeast Regional Coordinator, Communications Supervisor of Marathon County Sheriff.





TERT Basic Awareness

Date: January 7, and January 14, 2013

Location: Orange County Sheriffs Communications, Orlando, FL


TERT Team Leader

Date: January 8, and January 15, 2013

Location: Orange County Sheriffs Communications, Orlando, FL


TERT Basic Awareness & Team Leader

Date: January 30th & 31st

Location: Onondaga County, Syracuse, NY


Upcoming Training


TERT Basic Awareness

Date: February 5, 2013

Location: NCTCOG, Arlington, TX


TERT Team Leader

Date: February 6, 2013

Location: NCTCOG, Arlington, TX


5 Minute TERT Training
How to fill out an ICS 214 form



Purpose: The Unit Log records detailsof unit activity, including strike team activity or individualactivity.These logs provide the basic reference from which to extracting formation for inclusion in any after-action report.


Preparation: A Unit Logs initiated and maintained by Command Staff members, Division/Group Supervisors, Air Operations Groups, Strike Team/Task Force Leaders, and Unit Leaders. Completed logs are submitted to supervisors who forward them to the Documentation Unit.


Distribution: The Documentation Unit maintains a file of all Unit Logs. All completed original forms MUST be given to the Documentation Unit.





Item #



Item Title


Incident Name



Enter the name assigned to the incident.




Check-In Location


Enter the time interval for which the form applies.Record the start and end date and time.




Unit Name/Designators


  Enter the title of the organizational unit or    resource designator(e.g., FacilitiesUnit,Safety Officer,Strike Team).




Unit Leader


Enter the name and ICS Position of the individual in charge of the Unit.




Personnel Assigned


List the name,position, and home base of each member assigned to the unit during the operational period.




Activity Log


Enter the time and briefly describe each significant occurrence or event (e.g., task assignments,task completions,injuries, difficulties encountered, etc.)




Prepared By


Enter name and title of the person completing the log. Provide log to immediate supervisor, at the end of each operational period.





Enter date (month, day, year) and time prepared (24-hourclock).


TERT Clothing



“I didn’t realize they were embroidered! You can’t imagine how pleased I am. I will be announcing your companies name at our TERT APCO Convention in Daytona next month! I sent your link to the State Coordinator. You can expect orders from her as well.”  🙂


-TERT Customer


“All the shirts, backpacks and bags were a big hit! I’d like to place another order for more classes we will be having in Jan. Let me go through the website and get approval from my State Coordinator and I will be sending over an order. THANKS AGAIN!!! The shirts are especially nice!!!!


-Christie from FL TERT


Display Panels
The items below are available for TERT related conferences. Shipping to your location will be free.The only cost to you will be the outgoing shipping you pay. For full explanation of procedures please refer to   Reserve TERT Accessories section above.
  Table top 
                       99″ w X 87.5″ h                            48″ w X 51.5″ h


TERT Panels at Conferences

TERT Panels in conferences 

“The displays worked great for the event. They attract the attention and then get people interested in the information about TERT.” – Brianna Fields

Thanks to Sherry Decker for sharing such an informative and attractive display.” – TN state coordinator


“At our  State APCO/NENA conference last week our class was full of those interested in TERT” – OK state coordinator

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