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NJTI-TERT Board Member Retirement

In 2005, during the inception of TERT and NJTI Steve Newton, Deputy   Director of Wake County Fire and Emergency Management, has played a pivotal role serving on the Board and Committees on behalf of NENA. Steve’s initiative and dedication was instrumental in

Steve Newton

More about Steve

developing the foundation of NJTI, TERT Basic Awareness and Team Leader Training, the first TERT MOU and the APCO/NENA ANS written by the National Joint TERT Initiative (NJTI) & NENA Contingency Planning Committee.




This month, Steve is retiring his long standing position on the NJTI-TERT Board representing NENA. It has been a true privilege working with Steven all these years. His guidance and patience has allowed us to use him as a valuable resource, mentor, and friend. Steve has always been just a phone call away if we needed him.



With that said, Steve leaves us with the promise he will always be only a phone call away and says it’s time for the next generation of NJTI Members to release their passion for TERT across the states.



Thank you Steve for giving your “all” to the mission and goals of NJTI-TERT, it’s board, committees, state coordinators and most importantly the members.



Sincere Regards,







What’s Happening In Your State 




Status of TERT

15 Deployable,24 In Progress, 11 Inactive (enlarge Picture)








Some of our projects include developing a State Coordinator and in-service TERT


A reminder that anyone that takes the online TERT IS 144, MUST provide their State Coordinator with a scanned copy of their certificate. They will not be recognized as deployable if they do not have the certificate. This includes having their prereq’s of their ICS 100-200-300-800(TL). It is also highly recommended that classes in Stress Management, Cultural Diversity and Interpersonal Skills are taken. They do come in handy during deployments and are beneficial to us.




I conducted TERT Classes at the APCO-Florida Conference in Daytona this past October and while there, the outskirts of Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit. With torrential rain that flooded the beach area and looking out at the angry waves, we understood what our public safety brothers and sisters would be up against as Hurricane Sandy headed towards them. It certainly made for a great example of what TERT is all about and what we stand for in reaching out and helping our fellow workers.




Many Kudos to Christine Wade from Orange County Sheriff Office:


A die-hard TERT member who went out of her way to make our TERT classes in Daytona memorable. Christine purchased give away goodies of a FL-TERT tote bag, travel goodies in a travel case, a FL-TERT Backpack to the lucky name that was pulled out of a hat in class. The students loved it!   




In January, the Basic Awareness and Team Leader classes were conducted in Orlando.  Many thanks to the Orange County Sheriff Office for hosting the classes and to Orange County Fire Rescue for providing the trianing facility. Once again, our Christine presented a goody bag to the lucky TERT Member and we presented TERT TEAM LEADER Pins with their certificates to our latest FL-TERT Team Leaders.




Natalie Duran



Basic TERT Class in Orlando FL




Team Leader TERT Class












TERT Basic Awareness


Date: February 5, 2013


Location: NCTCOG, Arlington, TX



TERT Team Leader


Date: February 6, 2013


Location: NCTCOG, Arlington, TX



TERT Basic Awareness


Date: February 6, 2013


Location: GPSTC, Forsyth, GA



TERT Team Leader


Date: February 7, 2013


Location: GPSTC, Forsyth, GA



Upcoming training



TERT Basic Awareness


Date: March 7, 2013


Location: Washington State CJTC, Burien, WA



TERT Team Leader


Date: March 8, 2013


Location: Washington State CJTC, Burien, WA



TERT Basic Awareness


Date: March 20, 2013


Location: Tan-Tar-A, Lake Ozarks MO



TERT Team Leader


Date: March 20, 2013


Location: Tan-Tar-A, Lake Ozarks MO



5 Minute TERT Training




EMAC Telecommunicator Emergency Response


Training Video





Access Training Video




In cooperation with the National Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT), the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO), and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), NEMA EMAC Advisor Jack Jowett presented this 35-minute Webinar on “EMAC and Telecommunicator Emergency Response.”



NEMA encourages the organization of telecommunicator resources under the TERT initiative.  TERT involves a comprehensive program that includes assistance to individual states in developing programs that would lead to the establishment of predetermined and selected trained teams of individuals who can be mobilized quickly and deployed to assist communications centers during disasters.



Further, NEMA encourages the use of the TERT typing as a starting point for developing a response-specific Mission Ready Package.



TERT Clothing







“I didn’t realize they were embroidered! You can’t imagine how pleased I am. I will be announcing your companies name at our TERT APCO Convention in Daytona next month! I sent your link to the State Coordinator. You can expect orders from her as well.”  🙂



-TERT Customer



“All the shirts, backpacks and bags were a big hit! I’d like to place another order for more classes we will be having in Jan. Let me go through the website and get approval from my State Coordinator and I will be sending over an order. THANKS AGAIN!!! The shirts are especially nice!!!!



-Christie from FL TERT


Display Panels




The items below are available for TERT related conferences. Shipping to your location will be free.The only cost to you will be the outgoing shipping you pay. For full explanation of procedures please refer to   Reserve TERT Accessories section above.




  Table top


                       99″ w X 87.5″ h                            48″ w X 51.5″ h





TERT Panels at Conferences


TERT Panels in conferences




“The displays worked great for the event. They attract the attention and then get people interested in the information about TERT.” – Brianna Fields










Thanks to Sherry Decker for sharing such an informative and attractive display.” – TN state coordinator




“At our  State APCO/NENA conference last week our class was full of those interested in TERT” – OK state coordinator


Committee Members and Volunteers




Standard Committee                     Training Committee


Lynnette Doyal                              Christine Burke


Brian Burgamy                               Lisa Fulton


Linda Davis                                    Linda Davis


Kimberely Burdick                          Jesse Creech


Cory James                                     Brianna Fields


D.Jeremy DeMar                             D.Jeremy DeMar


Violet Anderson                              Violet Anderson


                                                        Diane Pickering




Legislative Committee                    Newsletter


Brian Burgamy                                Lisa Fulton


Kimberely Burdick                           Alejandro Moreno




Conference and Booth                     Website


Lynnette Doyal                                Jim Tanner


Lisa Fulton                                       D.Jeremy DeMar


Cozett Davis                                    Brian Bergamy


Jim Tanner                                           




Members/Database Committee


Christine Burke


Jim Tanner


Yolanda Callaway


Brianna Fields


Lena Gribb


Michele Blais


Violet Anderson


Cozett Davis



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